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Quality assured Church benches Churchbenches modern manufacturer Confershop. Wooden connectable and stackable church chairs with folding desk and chop. Quality guarantee.



Wooden church benches are fixed stars: This is how their improved version looks like

Anyone who enters the temple visually perceives the beauty of the space first and then feels the desire to settle down, to sit in one place and to be absorbed by the rhythm of mass or merely to contemplate silently.A very important part of every tabernacle is seating for believers. Pews have been part of the churches for centuries, giving the space the final touch. Although this is not the first thing you notice when entering a temple, you cannot underestimate its importance. In the end, it is the pews bearing the weight of human bodies, so that their soul can come closer to God.

From pomposity to comfort


The church pews, as well as other inventory of temples, have a long story. Once they were massive, ornamental, and their production took months. They were masterpieces of carving, human reason, imagination and precision, and today they have great historical and artistic value. Though they were stunning, and with their monumentality they took our breath away, the sitting in them was not the most comfortable – they were very heavy and almost impossible to move at all.

Today, in the 21st century, when people put emphasis on functionality and comfort in everything, church pews must undergo some transformation. With modern materials, technologies and ergonomics, today’s benches are more comfortable and flexible than ever.

The value of wood is fixed

Pews in churches are fixed stars. What works for centuries does not need to be changed, it just needs to be improved. Modern wooden ergonomic pews are a great choice for any sacred space. Wood remains natural number 1 due to its warm radiation and many impressive shades. The simple and airy design of the pews does not undermine the historical value of the church or the interior integrity. The church pew is thus becoming a visually interesting but unobtrusive, maximally functional piece of furniture that can be easily moved and whose arrangement can be varied according to needs. Why a modern church pew?  The modern church pew can be folded and unfolded to respond flexibly to current space requirements. Integral sitting in a row and neat line is created by combination of the extended seats and backrests of individual wooden chairs. If the pew is no longer needed, the chairs can be easily detached from each other and stacked to create more space for standing.

Emphasis on comfort

The manufacturer has brought the latest knowledge of ergonomics into the design of church chairs that will form a unified church pew when connected. The maximum seating comfort is provided by the upholstered seat made of high-quality foam, the ideal seat and backrest inclination as well as the comfortable backrest height and hip support. Long sitting is no longer tiring, and you don’t feel like being punished when sitting. Slovak manufacturer Confershop


 Church pews, which meet all modern requirements, are produced in Slovakia from the highest quality wood using the state-of-art technology. The manufacturer is keen on precision design to the smallest detail. This creates an exceptional chair (or pew if needed), which is amazingly flexible in use and its spatial possibilities..

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Dimensions62 × 45 × 90 cm


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